The Baker Hughes turbo-expander portfolio includes compressors and generators with proven experience in the most demanding applications and extreme conditions worldwide. We provide frame sizes, capacities, footprints, and weights to match any application.

2020年欧洲杯小组赛赛程Leveraging over 60 years of experience, our products incorporate lessons learned from an extensive installed fleet, advanced designs, and robust materials. We continually invest to study and develop new stage technologies that deliver higher efficiency and reliability, and lower maintenance requirements.


Highest-efficiency energy recovery

Our advanced stage technologies enable the highest train efficiency, maximizing energy recovery and conversion into valuable power. Our solutions for heat, pressure recovery, and energy storage can be optimized with unique dynamic simulation to fulfill any operational demands.



2020年欧洲杯小组赛赛程This product line provides reliable refrigeration service and high energy efficiency. The global installed base includes many industry milestones such as the first unit for GTL, first NACE-compliant active magnetic bearings (AMB) and first AMB installed on an FPSO.



Our fleet has a proven record of delivering higher power levels, performing at extreme operating temperatures, and achieving greater pressure ratios. Their success is a result of our continuous improvement in areas such as rotor and bearing design, efficiency optimization, and control systems.


Complete in-house capabilities

Our portfolio includes integrated and sealed solutions for pressure let-down up to 300 kW coupled with high-speed generators and multistage turboexpanders up to 10 MW for energy recovery in gas storage. We also have a strong partnership with SKF, the global leader in magnetic bearings, which extends our ability to provide direct customer support from engineering to commissioning.  Our advanced testing facilities have two expander-dedicated test benches in accordance with API 617 with low-pressure air, and can perform full string tests.


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