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  • Low vibration levels contribute to high reliability
  • Optimized hydraulic design delivers high efficiency
  • Assembly design ensures easy maintenance
  • Continuously bladed diffuser-return channel maximizes flow range and efficiency
  • Precision-casted diffusers guarantee high conformity and low radial loads on the rotor
  • Discharge channel minimizes hydraulic losses, and inner bundle rollers avoid seal damage during maintenance
  • Onshore and offshore water injection
  • Boiler feedwater, pipeline, amine
  • Energy recovery, and CO₂ injection




The DDHFM design improves on our DDM pumps, including additional features for reliable water injection, and direct connection with a gas turbine running at 10,000 rpm.

Max. differential head
6,000 m
Max. flowrate
1,500 m3/h
Max. shaft power
12 MW
Max. rotational speed
6,600 rpm
Operating temperature range
-32ºC to 180ºC


System optimization

2020年欧洲杯小组赛赛程During the selection process, we can optimize the complete system according to customer objectives for CAPEX, OPEX, and operability. We also select both the main and booster pumps at the same time to ensure the best combination.



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